1. I wonder when I’ll finish this….

  2. 꽃이 피고 새가 날고 바람도 잦아들고
    꿈을 꾸는 풀한포기 나를 닮았구나


  3. annciel7 said: I can't believe I have not found your art earlier. Your style is so beautiful! And all the Koumei and Kou empire love ahhhh I look forward to seeing more from you!

    Thank you so much!! but i could say the same to you!! I saw your Kou drawings and they were beautiful and amazing and I was just so blown away!! thanks for following back too, youre too kind u///////u♥

  4. wtf kouen

  5. edited.
  6. dantalion

  7. 蓮明
  9. made a 8tracks list for Koumei! I hope people will listen to it and get inspired and draw more Koumei…
  10. changed my bgm into songs I associate with Koumei, enjoy!